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Company Profile – Vilomix Finland Ltd

Vilomix Finland Ltd. was established in 1979 to manufacture and distribute special feeds for farm animals, fur animals and horses. Our production unit is located in Paimio, Finland. Vilomix Finland Ltd. belongs to Danish Agro group, which is one of the largest agribusiness companies in Scandinavia and the Baltic area.

Our main product groups include;

  • Liquid and dry vitamin and trace elements premixes
  • Energy products for cattle
  • Products to improve intestinal health
  • Hygiene products
  • Feeds for young animals
  • Iron products
  • Biological inoculants for silage, haylage and grains

Our ‘TalliPro’ product series for horses and our special feeds for fur animals are also essential to our product portfolio.

We operate in Finland and Estonia using a network of independent sales representatives as well as using some of the dairies as our dealers in Finland.

Most of our products have been developed in-house and are manufactured in Paimio. However, we are also an important importer of different kinds of special products for animal husbandry to Finland.

Contact persons in English

Mr Mikko Anttila, MD, Marketing, +358 10 402 7701

Mr Antti Riikonen , Sales Manager, +358 10 402 7740

Mr Topi Vesalainen, Production and Purchasing Manager, +358 10 402 7720

Mrs Satu Yrjänen, Product Development Manager, +358 10 402 7733

Mrs Nina Alakylä, Quality Manager, +358 10 402 7731

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