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Company Profile – Vilomix Finland Oy

Vilomix Finland Oy is a special feed company founded in 1979. We manufacture and distribute special feeds for farm animals, fur animals, pets and horses. We are also a distributor of Neudorff and Trinol -brands in Finland. Our production unit is located at Paimio, Finland. Vilomix Finland is part of Danish Agro Group, one of the largest agribusiness in Northern Europe.

Our main products are

·         Vitamins and minerals

·         Hygiene products

·         Energy feeds

·         Gut health products

·         Pest control products

·         Horse feeds

·         Silage inoculants

·         Iron products

·         Liquid fertilizers

·         Natural garden products

We serve animals farms in Finland and Estonia though a professional sales agency network. In Finland we also serve dairy processors, fur kitchens and consumer retail stores and markets.

Contact us:

Mr Mikko Anttila, Managing Director, +358 10 402 7701

Mr Antti Riikonen , Sales- and Marketing Manager, +358 10 402 7740

Mr Topi Vesalainen, Production and Purchasing Manager, +358 10 402 7720

Mrs Satu Yrjänen, Development Manager, +358 10 402 7733

Mrs Nina Alakylä, Quality- and product Manager, +358 10 402 7731

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